Mirage Spring 2018 Rebate Sale

The rebate is a minimum of 0.50$ /sq. ft. or a maximum of 1.00$/sq. ft. earned by participating in an online game. This is valid on all standard hardwood floors listed in the current Mirage product chart and on the Mirage website regardless of species, color, or width.


Minimum 0.50$/sq. ft. or maximum 1.00$/sq. ft.* Rebate on all Mirage Floors.


Flooring must be purchased between April 16 and June 9, 2018, at 11:59 p.m. (EST).

Claims and supporting documentation sent by email or regular mail must be postmarked or date stamped no later than July 21, 2018.


Floors by Design is a participating dealer for this event!

To be eligible, products must be sold through Floors by Design during the Mirage Spring 2018 Rebate Sale dates.

The promotional event applies to residential projects only. This promotion cannot be combined to any other offer or to product sold at special pricing from Mirage (model homes, special project pricing, special programs). Cheques will not be issued to Floors by Design, but to the homeowner who purchased the floor.


Standard hardwood floors listed in the current Mirage product chart and on the Mirage website are eligible for this promotional event. Accessory sales are not eligible. The rebate does not apply to products that have not been paid for in full or returned.


Customers must go to www.miragefloors.com/rebate to obtain the rebate claim form or the claim will be rejected. The information will then be reviewed to confirm eligibility.

Customers must attach a copy of the final invoice with the promo code (if applicable) from a participating dealer to the form. Invoices must be dated between April 16 and June 9, 2018. The claimant’s name and address must appear on the final invoice. The mail-in rebate is non-transferable. Sales quotes, debit card and credit card slips, and bank statements are not eligible and will be refused. Claims not backed by sufficient and complete billing information will be considered invalid.

All information must be sent to the following address:
Mirage Spring 2018 Rebate Sale
1255–98th Street, Saint-Georges, QC, Canada G5Y 8J5

Or by email at promotions@miragefloors.com

Claim forms and supporting documentation must be sent by email or regular mail and must be postmarked or date stamped no laterthan July 21, 2018.Claims dated later will be refused. Envelopes that have not been prepaid by the customer will be refused, and those claims will be considered invalid.

Refund cheques will be sent by mail 8 to 12 weeks after the end of the promotional event. Please note that no cheque will be issued until the Mirage floor has been shipped to the customer.


Mirage/Boa-Franc G.P., hereinafter Mirage/Boa-Franc, or its designees reserve the right to audit any or all claims submitted for the promotional event and require additional supporting information from the claimant. The participant understands and accepts that Mirage/Boa-Francwill contact dealers to verify purchases. Dealer purchases of Mirage products may also be audited. Documentation with altered and/or fraudulent information will be null and void, and the responsible party will be disqualified from the program and subject to claim recovery by Mirage/Boa-Francfor fraudulently obtained funds. All submissions are subject to audit. Mirage/Boa-Francis not responsible for lost, late, or incomplete claims or claims not received. Determination of eligibility of sales by Mirage/Boa-Franc is final. Information compiled by Mirage/Boa-Franc pursuant to the Mirage Spring 2018 Rebate Sale is kept confidential and is prohibited from being shared with any third parties.


For questions about the Mirage Spring 2018 Rebate Sale, call the Mirage product manufacturer at 1-800-463-1303 or email e-marketing@miragefloors.com. Or read more here.

*In Canada, sales taxes are included in the refund amount (ON, NB, NS, PEI, NL = GST/HST, all other provinces = GST).