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Vinyl sheet flooring remains one of the most popular flooring categories. And what’s not to love? Sheet vinyl is available in a wide range of looks, it’s durable and easy to clean. Its soft surface makes it comfortable for walking, crawling or curling up in a sunny spot. Vinyl sheet flooring also comes in 12’ or 13’2” width rolls, which means you won’t have seams where you don’t want them.



Sheet vinyl floors have more depth and texture today than they did a generation ago.  Using cutting-edge print technology, manufacturers produce beautiful floors that capture the look and feel of objects found all over the world like traditional and exotic wood species, natural stones including marble, travertine and slate, as well as contemporary designs of concrete and metal and designer patterns of hexagons and herringbone.  Regardless of the look you are searching for, you can find it in sheet vinyl.



Vinyl flooring is durable, low maintenance and cost effective. You won’t have to worry about sharp pet nails or dropped toys on these floors! All of our vinyl sheet products come with the toughest wear layers available.

Sheet vinyl is soft underfoot, so it's comfortable to stand on for long periods. It's also warmer to the touch than hard surfaces like ceramic or stone tile. Vinyl flooring is traditionally reserved for hardworking rooms (kitchens, baths, entryways, laundry rooms and playrooms) but high-end styles are making their way into other living spaces.



There are two main backings to sheet vinyl – paper/felt or fiberglass.  Both are readily used in the industry and have their advantages and drawbacks.  Some manufacturer’s have now developed new sheet vinyls that combine the advantages of both backing types.

Fibreglass backing

*dimensionally stable – it will not contract, curl, shrink or expand

*cushioned feel for comfort under foot

*install as loose lay or fully glued

*more susceptible to indentations from heavy furniture such as dining tables and washers/dryers

*can trap moisture if installed over concrete – creating mold and mildew concerns

Paper or felt backed products

*prone to curling

*allows for some movement in wood subfloor with seasonal changes

*must be perimeter glued or fully glued down

*less susceptible to gouges and indentations from heavy furniture

*allows moisture from concrete to absorb into felt layers and evaporate over time



Vinyl sheet flooring is easy to keep clean. Pets? Kids? Heavy Traffic? No problem! Sheet vinyl can stand up to pets and messes better than many surfaces. Vinyl floors have a wear layer that protects floors from stains, spills, scratches and scuffs. Sweep regularly and mop occasionally with the floor cleaner recommended by the manufacturer to keep your sheet vinyl looking it’s best. Avoid waxing or buffing the surface.


What is FloorScore® certified?

FloorScore® is a third party certification that tests and measures the risks to indoor air quality. A primary concern of indoor air quality is the emission level of specific volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Poor indoor air quality is caused by inadequate ventilation, poor cleaning and/or excessive emissions of VOCs from surfaces and finishes. Products bearing the FloorScore® label meet the stringent indoor air quality emissions criteria. 

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