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Why Wool?

Floors by Design has so many beautiful, soft samples of natural wool carpets made by Godfrey Hirst. You are more than welcome to come see, feel and borrow them at our store! Since showing off this timeless material for homes today, we have gotten a lot of questions asking WHY? Why wool? To keep it short, sweet and to the point we're giving you the top 10 reasons why wool has proved to be the…

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Godfrey Hirst Wool Carpets are here!

Did you know that we are now carrying Godfrey Hirst wool carpets? As explained on our friend's website:  "Established in 1865, Godfrey Hirst was one of Australia's first textile mills. Godfrey Hirst has grown to now have production plants and facilities across the globe. Their carpets are recognized as one of the top 10 carpet manufacturers in the world! With their long…

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How to Clean Grout

Tile is a wonderful material - it's beautiful, durable and long lasting. Our friend Donna over at Bobvilla wrote a fantastic article that we wanted to share with you about how to clean and take care of the grout in your home!  Tile is generally easy to clean, but cleaning grout? That’s a different story. Because of its (typically) light coloring and porous…

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Thank You Contest WINNER!

   We hope your 2018 has started out on the right foot - We know it has for our contest winner Perry Sullivan! This has been another wonderful, successful year at Floors by Design, all thanks to YOU. YOU are the ones coming up with new and exciting design ideas and bringing them to life in your projects, work places and homes! We want to thank YOU for allowing us to help your design…

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Interior Designers Won't Be Decorating With These Trends in 2018

Our friends at MY DOMAIN are predicting what trends will be out in the new year and which trends will be on the rise in 2018! Written by: Sacha Strebe As the New Year dawns, it's not only a chance to reflect on our accomplishments but also an opportunity to look forward and set new goals for our health, career, relationships, and home, too. While we don't subscribe to the "new…

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Glenrose Show Home: Westerra 8129 Barley Crescent

Another Glenrose showhome is done and ready for you to go wander the beautiful space! Our team at Floors by Design always loves working with the creative crew at Glenrose. Their new Westerra showhome at 8129 Barley Crescent is crisp and clean featuring warm textures, monochromatic finishes and minimalistic details. The kitchen is bright and spacious with a full wall of windows to…

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